The Scuzzbuckets MC was formed in 2009 by 6 founding members, each had grown up around the MC community but it wasn't until they found each other that they all felt like they belonged.

The club's bylaws were based on old school/traditional clubs with the rules and regulations formed to follow those predecessors.

Although not a 1% club, The Scuzzbuckets pay homage to the national clubs that have allowed smaller clubs to exist. Just like traditional clubs there is a probationary period to join. The prospective member must have a sponsor in the club that holds a high level of trust for that individual. Along with a sponsor, the prospective member must be approved by unanimous vote before his probationary period can begin.

The club does not claim territory. Our lower "Mecklenburg" rocker states the county in which we were founded. Our "Westside" side rocker simply signifies where we're from. The club shows support for many local events in the role of bettering the motorcycle community. The club is not a GANG, it is a group of hard working men that share a passion for motorcycles and a love for their brothers...

Who are the scuzz? - a group of law abiding and tax paying individuals who like to ride

How old are we? - 25 years or older, a mix of old school and new school bikes and members

What kind of bikes do we ride? - American Motorcycles Only

When do we ride? - in the rain, in the cold, all year long

If you'd fit in with the list above and you're interested in riding with the club, find a member and talk to him ...